Welcome to Science Department

Science is an optional subject and an excellent subject choice for any student with an inquisitive mind. It gives students a broad understanding of the natural world and the changes made to it through human activity. Students of science use scientific knowledge to identify questions and to set up experiments. From these experiments, the students draw evidence-based conclusions.

At Junior Certificate level, we teach students the fundamentals of the subject and show them science at work in their lives. Science is interesting and the experiments make it fun.

Following on from their experience at Junior Cycle, it is hoped that students will study one or more of the science subjects at Leaving Certificate level, thus preparing themselves for further study or work in this area. Science branches into three disciplines in the Senior Cycle: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All of these subjects are offered at Tullamore College.

Hands-on engagement is encouraged in our school Science Department and students learn the information on the syllabus by carrying out experiments in small groups.

Two fully-equipped laboratories provide space for lessons and practical experiments in Tullamore College. Teachers make use of interactive whiteboards to enhance learning.