New Building

New State of the Art Tullamore College

Your child will begin their second level education in a state of the art 21st century building

As part of the development of the Schhol Campus we are installing:

  • A running Track
  • An Outdoor Gym
  • 5 Basketball/Tennis Courts
  • Full sized Garlic Pitch

School Building Update – May 2015


The first of the five staircases was craned into place yesterday. The floor slab on the northern side was also lifted into position. The work on the shuttering for the floor and the cantilever section of the library is close to completion. (There will be a view of the harbour from the library window). The blockwork for the upper storey will commence shortly. (20th May 2015)

School Building Update – April 2015


The Phoenix rises. Our new building is taking shape at last. In several areas the blockwork for the ground floor classrooms is close to scaffolding height. Once the scaffolding is in place, the ground floor will be completed and the precast floor for the upper storey will be put in place. The precast pillars for the Sports Hall which will be double height are up to the half way point (these can be seen on the left middle of the photo). The larger concrete mass near the old front gate is the lift shaft. (16th Apr 2015)


Ground work has recently begun on the new school building.  Topsoil has been cleared and the tarmac is being removed. Several test piles have been driven to enable the Structural Engineers to verify the design of the foundations. The demolition of the Gym is set to commence next week.  (12th Sept 2014)


Upon hearing the announccement regarding the starting date of the new school, Principal Mr. McEvoy stated: “On behalf of the staff, students and parents we’re really delighted that the project is coming to fruition. We’ve a great school, fabulous staff and great support from parents. It’s about time we have the facilities to match the quality of what’s going on in the school.”


The new school building planned for Tullamore College at the corner of O’Carroll Street and Riverside will include 14 general classrooms, two social studies rooms, three science labs, a demonstration room, two art rooms, two home economics rooms, two business and computing rooms, two technical graphics/CAD rooms, two construction studies rooms, two engineering rooms, a guidance suite, a library and a gym as well as pastoral offices, staff room and a first aid room.


The building that will stretch to more than 7,000 square metres will take some 18 months to complete, and will welcome its first students in September 2015.


Current students will continue classes in the current school building while construction on the new building is ongoing, and that building will then be demolished to make space for basketball and tennis courts.

Computer generated perspectives of the new school building. Created by Butler Moffat Architects.