Welcome to the Engineering Department

Welcome to the Engineering Department at Tullamore College. Engineering and Metalwork are optional subjects and an integral part of our school curriculum. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for our students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow them to succeed not only as Engineers, but as Innovators and Leaders in all fields. […]

Welcome to S.P.H.E.

S.P.H.E.: Social, Personal and Health Education SUBJECT MISSION STATEMENT S.P.H.E.: Social , Personal and Health Education aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop the skills and competence to learn about themselves and to care for themselves and others. It will help them make informed decisions about their health, personal lives and social development. […]

Welcome to Career Guidance Department

GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR Ann Mac Namara, BA (Hons), H.Dip. G&C (Hons). Our Guidance Counsellor is responsible for managing a programme that facilitates the social, personal, educational and vocational development of our students. She helps students to identify their talents, interests and potential, in order to guide them towards suitable future careers. The Guidance Counsellor is employed full […]

Welcome to Religious Education Department

Religious Education is a core subject in Tullamore College. We are a multi-denominational school. The information we teach is important, but we consider character formation an equally important part of the work we do. To this effect, we encourage our students to become active members of their school community by taking part in charity work, e.g. Concern fasts and the Gemini Ireland project.

Welcome to Modern Languages Department

Our Modern Languages Department offers students from First Year to Leaving Certificate the opportunity to study French and German and we are very proud of our high standards in teaching and learning in these subjects (please view the Department of Education and Science Inspection Reports in the French and German pages below). We also offer excellent co-curriculur supports, which include active exchange programmes with […]

Welcome to Mathematics Depatment

Mathematics is a core subject for all students throughout their six year cycle in Tullamore College. The study of Mathematics fosters: A spirit of inquiry Critical thinking Logic Problem solving Self-reliance Initiative and enterprise Self-directed learning and independent thought Preparation for further education and for adult and working life.