Welcome to the Design and Communication Graphics Department at Tullamore College.

D.C.G. along with Engineering and Construction Studies offers students an excellent range of Technology subjects in our school. Technology can be described as the way in which we interact with our environment in a creative way to solve problems.  D.C.G. in particular aims to provide students with the skills to communicate graphically through a variety of techniques while also developing their creative and decision making capabilities.  The Department offers subjects at both Junior Cycle level (Technical Graphics) and Senior Cycle level (Design and Communication Graphics.

Technical Graphics

This course is offered to Junior Certificate students and consists of the following elements:

  • Plane Geometry – Basic Constructions, Areas of Figures, Loci, Transformation Geometry and properties of Geometric Figures.
  • Descriptive Geometry – Pictorial Projection Systems, Development of Surfaces, Sections of Solids and Orthographic Projection.
  • Communication Graphics – Computer Based Solid Modelling, Freehand Sketching, Graphical Design and Illustration Techniques.

The course is assessed after 3rd Year using one 3 hour exam.

Design and Communication Graphics

This course is offered to Leaving Certificate students and consists of the following elements:

  • Plane and Descriptive Geometry – A follow on from the material covered at Junior Cycle level.
  • Communication of Design and Computer Graphics – A more in-depth approach to Computer Based Solid Modelling and Freehand Representation Techniques.
  • Applied Graphics – The use of both Plane and Descriptive Geometries in solving problems from various Engineering Disciplines.

The subject has 2 assessment components:

1. A Student Assignment which is completed in class time between October and February of the Leaving Cert. year. This accounts for 40% of the Grade awarded.

2. A 3 hour terminal Exam which accounts for the remaining 60%.