Religious Education Department

Religious Education is a core subject in Tullamore College. We are a multi-denominational school. The information we teach is important, but we consider character formation an equally important part of the work we do. To this effect, we encourage our students to become active members of their school community by taking part in charity work, e.g. Concern fasts and the Gemini Ireland project.

Junior Certificate
The aim of Junior Certificate Religious Education is to provide students with a framework for encountering and engaging with the variety of religious traditions in Ireland and elsewhere. The syllabus is built around a framework of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. Such a framework also prepares students for the Ireland of today.

Leaving Certificate
The Leaving Certificate Religious Education programme calls for the exploration of issues such as meaning and value, the nature of morality, the development of diversity and belief, the principles of a just society, and the implications of scientific progress. It has a particular role to play in the curriculum in the promotion of tolerance and mutual understanding. It seeks to develop in students the skills needed to engage in meaningful dialogue with those of other or of no religious traditions.