Green Schools


        Tullamore College Green Schools

Tullamore College has been working hard in its endeavours to get its first green flag.

A new Green School committee has been set up for the 2013-2014 school year. With reps from all years on board.

They have bought and placed new recycling bins in all the classrooms.

Since the introduction of the programme to the school Tullamore College has begun to recycle up to 30% of its waste! And the general trend is that the school is reducing the total amount of waste it is producing.

There have been lots of things happening in the school to raise awareness of the litter and waste theme and encourage students to reduce their waste and litter.

The Green School Committee organised a bake sale to raise funds for the programme raising over €100 to help us purchase more bins and recycling bins and provide prizes for our competitions.

We have recently gotten a composting unit to make compost for our garden using food waste from the canteen and Home Economics rooms.

On the litter front we had an anti-litter week to encourage students to use the bins more and litter less! During the week the green schools reps have been patrolling the corridor handing out raffle tickets to those students they see using the bins. These students will be put in a prize draw. There are also poster, poetry and slogan competitions running throughout the week.


After conducting a litter survey in the corridor it was noted that wrappers are the biggest cause of litter in the school closely followed by sandwich wrapping (tin foil and cling film) and we are trying hard to reduce this!


Some helpful hints for parents to help reduce lunch box litter in Tullamore

  • Instead of wrapping your sandwiches in tinfoil or cling film use a small reusable lunch box. Take away boxes are ideal!
  • Avoid snacks with excess packaging
  • Reusable drinks bottles are readily available and could be used instead of buying new water bottles every other day!


The green schools committee consists of student representatives from 1st year, 2nd year, Transition year and 5th year. The students meet regularly with Ms Browne, Ms Coyne and Ms Howlin to discuss the action plan and to organise greens school events.

There will be lots of competitions and various other activities throughout the year as part of the promotion of our Green – School initiative. We would encourage both staff and students to play their part in recycling by using the recycling bins provided. .

Items that can be placed in the recycle bin include


Plastic bottles

Ribena cartons

Yogurt cartons (ideally rinsed out)

Clean tinfoil

Crisp packets

Food, chewing gum and capri sun cartons cannot be placed in the green bins.

Green Week

As part of our green schools initiative the green school committee headed up by Ms Browne launched ‘Green Week’ in the school which ran from 18th -22nd of February. There were events running all week as part of ‘Green Week’, they included competitions such a green poster, green poem and a green slogan competition.


One of the highlights from the week was the ‘Green Carnival’ which took place at lunchtime in the in the gym for first years. It consisted of all the traditional carnival games and prizes but the games were made from recycled items. They included bowling made from plastic bottles and cans, go fish where you had to catch a can with a fishing rod, knock down the cans and many more.


Other events that took place was a litterbug beetle drive for second years, a school based recycling quiz where the answers could be found posted all around the school and a talk for 5th years by the Environmental Liaison Officer.


As a school each class has made a commitment to ‘Turn Over a New Leaf’, and their commitments were written on green paper leaves which have been placed on a large wooden tree in the centre of the school.


Prize winners included:

Recycling quiz - 1st : Dillion Donoghue, 2nd : Emily Deverell

Poster competition – 1st : Niall Whelan,

2nd : Caoimhe Griffen and Laura Gorry.

Slogan competition - Irish version – 1st : Caitlin Mc Darby

English version – 1st : Chelsea Kilrow,

2nd : Dominik Wozniak

Poetry Competition – 1st : Nicole Rattigan & Zoe Mc Donagh,

2nd : Dylan Cuskelly