School Organisation

Academic Programme

The school is organised in such a way that each individual student is cared for so that his or her potential is maximised. We will care for and challenge your children to use their talents to be the best that they can be.

Each class is looked after by a Class Tutor who works closely with the Year Head who has overall responsibility for all classes within the year group.

Together with the Principal and Deputy Principal, Year Heads and Class Tutors work hard to help students get the most from their education at Tullamore College.

This pastoral organisation is further strengthened by the active supportive role of parents and by the work of the Guidance Counsellor, by Home School Liaison and by our Student Council.

We are fortunate in having an excellent Parents' Council In Tullamore College.



The Home School Community Liaison scheme. (HSCL)

Mr Keith Begley is currently the Home School Liaison Co-ordinator at our school.

The main goals of the Home School Community Liaison scheme are:

  • Promoting co-operation between home, school and community.
  • Supporting parents in the education of their children.
  • Enhancing pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Retaining pupils in the education system.

These goals are achieved by home visitation, organising classes and courses for parents, literacy and numeracy initiatives for students as well as extracurricular activities during lunch-time and after school.


Free classes for parents have been taking place for the last few weeks.

English for non-national parents (monday @ 7pm) has been very popular and worthwhile.

Cookery class (monday @ 4.30pm) has also proven to be quite popular with parents. With the emphasis on cooking on a budget, healthy eating and cooking for christmas, all participants got some new exciting recipes to work on. 

Zumba for parents (Tuesday @ 9.30am in St Josephs primary school) has also proven to be very popular with big numbers in attendance.

Watch out for classes and activities after Christmas where opportunities in health and fitness through our very own "Operation Transformation" will take place.

If you have any interest in any of the above or wish to seek opportunities towards attendance at any upcoming free classes, you may contact Keith Begley (Home School Community Liaison) at 086 3537456.