Welcome to Career Guidance Department


Ann Mac Namara, BA (Hons), H.Dip. G&C (Hons).

Our Guidance Counsellor is responsible for managing a programme that facilitates the social, personal, educational and vocational development of our students. She helps students to identify their talents, interests and potential, in order to guide them towards suitable future careers.

The Guidance Counsellor is employed full time and works closely with other colleagues- particularly with the S.P.H.E. and R.E. teams- to provide a comprehensive programme for all students. A Guidance Plan is in place, which outlines the aims, objectives, teaching methodologies and persons responsible for delivering various aspects of the programme to students.

The Guidance and Counselling provision in the school was inspected by the Department of Education and Science in 2007 and the report can be viewed here:

Subject Inspection Report on GUIDANCE in Tullamore College.



Through her Career Guidance classes, our Guidance Counsellor helps Senior Cycle students to find the third level course or career which best suits them. Students complete careers tests, carry out course and career investigations and discuss their plans for the future with Ms Mac Namara.

Students get the opportunity to attend careers exhibitions and informational talks on universities, colleges and institutes of technology.

Sixth Year students are guided through the CAO application process by Ms Mac Namara.

It is through the Career Guidance Department that Study Skills workshops and lectures are made available.



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