Welcome to the Engineering Department

Welcome to the Engineering Department at Tullamore College. Engineering and Metalwork are optional subjects and an integral part of our school curriculum. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for our students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow them to succeed not only as Engineers, but as Innovators and Leaders in all fields. A significant number of our students have made successful careers in Engineering and related disciplines.


·         Mr. Jim Mooney (Department Co-ordinator)

·         Mr. JP Meehan

·         Mr. Michael Doolan

·         Mr. Gaelan Elliffe

Why Study Metalwork?

The ability to research, design and create an end product using one’s own initiative is a quality that all employers are looking for. Engineering at Tullamore College promotes and nurtures this ability through self-directed discovery learning. This is achieved through interesting, pupil-driven, workshop settings where the pupils are encouraged to get involved in the design process and take responsibility for their own work.

Curriculum (Metalwork & Engineering)

The Department offers subjects at both Junior Cycle level (Metalwork) and Senior Cycle level (Engineering).


Junior Engineering (Materials Technology Metal – Metalwork) is the perfect introduction for Junior Certificate students to the world of engineering. It allows students to develop all the basic practical knowledge and skills necessary to manufacture a broad range of engineering components and products.

As well as an introduction to design, students learn the basics of:

·         Metallurgy

·         Materials Science

·         Handtools and Equipment

·         Measurement

·         Machining

·         CNC Machining

·         Joining of Materials

·         Health & Safety (Good Workshop Practice)

With both theory and practical elements to the examination, the student will get a great opportunity to show their talents. With the completion and part design of a Final Project, students find Junior Engineering to be a motivating and rewarding subject, opening their eyes to the world of engineering at Leaving Certificate level and beyond.


Engineering in general is one of the most integral and fast-moving facets of modern life. To choose a career in the epicentre of such an interesting and dynamic field must be an exciting prospect for any student.

Engineering Technology at Leaving Certificate gives students a firm grounding in all the main engineering principles:

·         Materials Science

·         Polymer Technology

·         Machining

·         CAD/CAM

·         Material Joining

·         Measurement and Inspection

·         Applied Dynamics

·         Design

·         Health and Safety

Students of Engineering will use a unique range of skills in the design and production of a project to meet a specified design brief. This project, allied witha practical skills test and a final written paper on engineering theory make Engineering Technology a very diverse, interesting and challenging subject. It will allow a student to develop a true appreciation for the world of engineering and provide them with an introduction to Engineering at Third Level and a possible career in one of the many facets of the subject.